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The International Press Pass

The International Press Pass

We at the International Press Federation (IPF) are authorized to issue an International Press Pass to both part-time and full time journalists.

The IPF International Press Card will get you where you could never go alone:  behind the scenes at sports, entertainment and breaking news events.

By becoming member of IPF, you help support an independent journalist and press association which represents the legitimate interests of journalists, even for those who work part-time. The membership includes additional services at no additional charge. 


Benefits of International Press Card

1. Serves as a valid international form of multilingual identification to confirm that the cardholder is a journalist 

2. It is a Useful document in addition to a local press card and is recognized in all countries around the world 

3. It offers several other benefits which include and not limited to free admission to museums, galleries and other culture places or discounts for flights, car rentals, and special mobile phone contracts for journalists and several other discounts in many countries when the International Press Card is presented.

Front-side of press card:

  • Guaranteed forgery-proof
  • Registered identification no.
  • Internationally valid version
  • Re-issued annually 
  • Statement of job title
  • Sign and guilloche 
  • High-quality print
  • Color gradient protects against forgery
  • Hologram annual stamp

Back side of press card:

  • IPF contact information and sign
  • Registered organization no.
  • Signature field
  • Information for agencies


IPF charges USD 75.00 for annual membership Shipping and handling fees included or USD 100.00 for 2 years membership.


Become a Member now!




Become a Member now!