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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions listed below govern the contractual relationship between the services offered by the International Press Federation  hereinafter referred to as “IPF” and the members and business partners of International Press Federation (IPF) who are hereinafter referred to as “Members“.


The services and products of IPF are non-binding. Free offers and services that have been made available are subject to change and withdrawal without prior notice. IPF offers its members to become accredited by using their IPF status. For this, IPF provides standard and professional types of membership. A fee is charged for membership. Each member will be sent an advance payment invoice via email. For their accreditation, members are provided with press documents (membership certificate, press card, and a Vehicle Press Sign) which they can use at their convenience. These documents are provided free of charge but remain the property of IPF. There exists no right to membership. IPF reserves the right to not accept membership and cannot be held liable for costs incurred by the activities of the member. The member is expressly no representative or employee of IPF and is not permitted to pretend to towards third parties.


A) Duration and Extension 

Your membership commences immediately after receipt of payment and confirmation of IPF membership; you will be accepted as an active IPF member. 

Your new membership is valid from the date of confirmation by IPF and valid for one full year. That means if you become a member in September of the current year, your membership will expire in August the following year. In addition to the press card we are also offering members the option to purchase an IPF Press Vehicle sign for their car. In combination with a valid press card, the car sign is valid for 2 years from the date of membership for a one time fee of USD 40.00 (30.00 EUR) for new members. It is valid only in connection with the press card. Therefore members are required to renew their Press Card when it expires. Renewal of vehicle press sign after the initial 2 years period costs USD 40.00 for 2 years.

Membership is not automatically renewed after the end of the year. Members will be notified by email to decide whether to renew their membership for another year and pay the annual membership fee in advance. IPF reserves the right to refuse the renewal of membership without stating any reason and reserves the right to change the renewal fee any time by making them available at The data collected in association with a membership will be deleted 30 days after expiration of membership.

B) Rights and Duties:

Members are obliged to observe the IPF code of ethics rules and press code for journalists. The Terms and Conditions outlined here must be observed. IPF reserves the right to make changes to the business terms and guidelines at its sole discretion.

Non-compliance with these TERMS and / or guidelines may result in immediate termination of membership. Both press card and Vehicle Press signs are the property of IPF; you can use it only for the duration of your accepted membership.

C) Payment, Terms of Payment:

Payment is possible by bank wire, Moneygram or Western Union transfer.

The goods are delivered immediately after receipt of payment of the invoice amount at the IPF bank account.

D) Delivery and Transfer of Risk

The goods are delivered solely on the risk of the member. Upon the acceptance of the goods from the Transportation Company or post office, the risk is transferred to the member. IPF is not liable for delays in shipping and delivery due to Acts of God. IPF can prolong the date of delivery in the amount of the duration of the delay. IPF is not liable for delays (for instance, caused by technical or server-based breakdowns). IPF has no influence on the delivery time of the country’s delivering authority, which may result in country-specific delivery times of between 7 and 20 days. 

Due to security concerns and in cooperation with various U.S. Government and international law enforcement agencies, it will no longer be possible to accept membership applications from individuals or organizations from the following countries: 

Cuba, North Korea, Myanmar/Burma, Sudan, Syria and Iran.

E) Termination and Expiration of Membership:

Members who have failed to pay their membership subscriptions will be excluded from IPF one month after notification for renewal has been sent to the member. The exclusion or termination of IPF membership will be automatic, and without notice.

If the member grossly violates against the terms, the membership status can be terminated without observing the period of notice, with the member losing their right to the refunding of payments and fees.



You warrant that you will: 

  • Always meet your duties and obligations as a member.
  • Not use your IPF membership, Press car sign or IPF Press Card to gain access for any illegal purposes.
  • The data provided through your application form are accurate, complete and truthful.
  • Are at least 18 years of age.
  • You notify IPF as soon as possible about any changes to your data, including credit card data. IPF is not held liable for your expenses.

IPF is not held liable for any costs members have incurred in the course of pursuing their obligations.

B) Liability

  • IPF assumes no warranty for the permanent availability of its online shop and for damages or disadvantages arising from its use.
  • IPF cannot be held liable for the loss, misuse or faking of data that have been electronically transmitted between IPF and its members if the data have not evidently been faked or misused by IPF.
  • IPF reserves the right to exclude members from commercial transactions if they are connected to misuse of online services or electronic or non-cash payment methods or if there is justifiable suspicion.


IPF and the IPF logo are trademarks. No part of the text or images may be used, copied or distributed without prior written permission of IPF. All trademarks and trade names on display on our web site are property of their respective owners and subject to these property rights of the registered owners. Copyright for objects created and published by the service provider remains with the service provider. Any duplication or use of such texts and documents in other publications without the written consent of the service provider is may result in legal action being taken.


At IPF the protection of your private data as well as your privacy is very important to us. Any personal details entered by users will be protected according to the stipulations of the data privacy act and will not be made accessible to third parties.

 Because of the current jurisdiction we must point out that we are not responsible for the contents of web sites that are linked to our web site. We accept no responsibility for their contents. 

Where users of the online shop are required to enter data, it should be noted that the entering of such data is carried out on a voluntary basis.


For any disputes between service provider and user, the law of the EU shall apply.


Become a Member now!




Become a Member now!