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How to Become a Member?

How to Become a Member?

With its numerous advantages, membership to the IPF has never been so easy.

Follow the below 4 easy steps to become a member:

1) You can choose between two membership types:


             Individual Membership (IM)

  • US$ 135 or 120 € for Standard Membership (SM) which includes a non-recurring (one-time) administrative fee of 50.00 USD and the yearly membership fee of 70.00$. The member will receive the IPF International Press Pass plus a membership certificate.


  • US$ 205 or 150€ for Professional Membership (PM) which includes a non-recurring (one-time) administrative fee of 65.00 USD, a 2 years membership fee 100.00 USD and 40.00 USD for the Press vehicle ID (one time fee for 2 years). The member will receive a Press Card, a membership certificate and a Press Vehicle ID. 


            Corporate Membership


  • Membership to IPF is also opened to corporate organizations,     associations, schools, universities, collesges, vocational training institutes, centers, newspapers, magazines, professional associations for journalists,bloggers, etc. For this category, the membership is $ 338.00 or 250.00€ which includes a non-recurring (one-time) administrative fee of 135.00 USD, a 2 years membership fee of 203.00 USD. The member will receive a certificate of membership with the possibility of using IPF logos on its official documents (certificate, letterheads, website, etc,). For corporate membership, kindly contact us directly by email or tel for further information.


 Please note that shipping and handling fees are included in our offer.


2) Registration

Please read the IPF Terms and Conditions before completing the application form. You must be over 18 years of age to apply for an IPF membership and get access to an International Press Pass.

Fill out the online registration form and pay particular attention to the star sign (*) which indicate a compulsory field.

During the registration process you must provide us with the contact information that we require to issues your press credentials and documents as well as a passport photo in JPG format and attach a link or a PDF format of at least one of your publication or article.

If you do not have a digital passport photo available at the moment then you can submit it later by email.

Please check that all fields are completed correctly before clicking "submit"!

3) Secure payments through bank transfer or MoneyGram

Once you have sent your application, an accreditation committee will review and evaluate it and will provide you with a reply within 48 hours.

When the evaluation committee approves your application, a mail will be sent to you with the payment instructions. We normally accept bank transfer as well as payment in USD as well as in EURO.

We are aware that in some developing countries, it is not always easy to use bank wire transfer. Should you have difficulties in using this solution, there is still an option to pay via Western Union or MoneyGram; please note however that the client is responsible for transfer charges.  

4) Your press documents

 After your data has been checked and your payment received, we will issue and send your personal press card and related documents. The processing time lasts about 10-15 days depending on your country of origin. Then you’ll receive mail from us! As a registered member, you can now enjoy the benefits of being part of a reputable and trustworthy media organization.

Important: Please ensure you have a valid and functional address as we use normal postal service; should you have any preference regarding a particular mail delivery service, kindly inform us.






Become a Member now!




Become a Member now!