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Affiliated and Accredited Institutions

Affiliated and Accredited Institutions

The International Press Federation has opened membership to organizations providing learning and training activities. 

If you are a training centre including higher education, college, vocational institute, consulting or training firm and covering the following fields of communication: journalism, online/new media journalism, social media, photography, photo-reporting, graphic design, broadcasting, web design publishing, editing, public relations, cartooning, etc. then become an IPF accredited institution.

There are 2 levels of membership

1) Affiliated Institution

A registered institution is an institution which has applied and adhered to IPF code of ethics as well as terms and conditions. And Upon a process of appraisal and evaluation, if the IPF finds it legitimate, the institution can therefore receive the certificate of a fully registered institution. 

2) An Accredited Institution

An accredited institution is a higher level of affiliation and involves different due diligence and quality evaluation procedures with a separate fee structure. Members who are accepted by IPF will receive a certificate of fully accredited member institution.

Becoming an IPF registered or accredited training centre/institution has many benefits since our organization enjoys global recognition.

  • IPF accredited institutions are highly valued by other organizations because they inspire trust and professionalism
  • They adhere to high ethical standards 
  • Because of their accreditation/affiliation, their certificate will be recognized everywhere
  • The IPF offers accredited institutions a range of international and national networking and learning events and is present at leading trade exhibitions and conferences
  • The IPF has strong brand recognition amongst large international employers and small- to medium-sized local companies
  • As a affiliated institution, you will receive the below logo:


  • As an accredited institution, you will receive the below logo:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can become an Accredited Institution?

Whether you are an inter-company training department, a local authority, an educational establishment or a private training provider – you can seek accreditation. The important thing is that you provide courses or training in the field of media and communication. 

2. What are the benefits of becoming an Approved Institution Provider?

As a registered American organization, IPF guarantees Worldwide Industry recognition of courses delivered by your institution by ensuring that you adhere to high ethical standards. Furthermore, we will assist you upon request in developing quality curriculum training for your students. IPF with its global presence and members can help you build network and increase your visibility. 

3. What kind of course could I get approved by IPF?

Pending your area of expertise this ranges from a one day course to a full certificate or diploma course designed around existing syllabus. You may also already deliver a course which you have designed yourself and one that would benefit from IPF approval. Providing the course fits well within the overall aims and goals of IPF we could approve this too. 

4. Can I request approval for IPF courses and/or seminars?

In broad terms ‘yes’ providing it meets industry needs. IPF does not approve seminars but if these are relevant to members then IPF can approved it. 

5. What is the process of becoming an Accredited Institution?

If you would like to become and accredited institution, the first step is to contact us and submit us your current course offering and we will evaluate it. If there is a necessity to improve, update or complement your program, we can help develop a course around an existing syllabus.  IPF can also assist you in developing your curriculum and providing support material and guide you through the process. You should contact IPF and we will provide you with further information.

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