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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who can be a member of the IPF?

Everyone is accepted at the International Press Federation; we have members with comprehensive career experience as well as motivated newcomers. The IPF is mainly represented by full and part time journalists, communications specialists, media representatives acting as freelance or employed by media organizations. This includes and is not limited to: editors, press photographers and feature journalists, authors, publishers, directors, cameramen/women, spokesmen, film critics, radio reporters and bloggers. Thus we accept membership from a wide spectrum of media: print, broadcasting, TV and internet.

2) Why choose IPF?

The International Press Federation is a registered US organization. The organization is an international, non-partisan politically free and financially independent and not associated with any unions or publishers. We represent the career, legal and social interests of authors, PR officers, press photographers, press representatives and journalists, among others. Our membership is open to everyone. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or belief and we do not restrict membership to any country. We believe in the freedom of information and association and we reinvest our revenues to education and training projects. By becoming member, you do not just enjoy the privilege of becoming part of a well respected organization, but you also contribute to some development programs.

3) Is the IPF Press Card internationally accepted?

The IPF is an officially registered international press and journalist organization. The International Press Federation is therefore authorized to issue the IPF Press Card, which is globally recognized. IPF press documents are officially registered and provide to its bearer multiple advantages and are well accepted in Europe, Asia, the US, Americas, Africa and the Middle East.

4) I already have a press card; do I need the IPF Press Pass?

Absolutely!!! IPF offers to its members an International Press Card which is widely accepted and trusted. Because of its reputation, the multilingual press card is recognizable and accepted everywhere, thus substituting in many cases your national press card. All the IPF documents have an ID number, are registered and carry an internationally recognized press seal.

5) What are the benefits of having a press card?

Having a press card authorizes you as a registered representative of the press and aids you, for example, with authorities to carry out your activities as a journalist or research journalist more professionally. Furthermore, with the press card, you can also get admission to inaccessible areas which are off-limits for non-journalists. However, always bear in mind that the decision to let in a media representative lies upon the event organizer who has the final say as to who can get in or not.

6) Why are IPF Press Credentials fees cheaper than similar programs?

International Press Federation is an organization, founded with the mission of promoting and encouraging the freedom of expression and enhancing journalism standards. It is supported by its members such as you and we believe that the practice of journalism must not be for an elite but for everyone interested, hence our very low membership as compared to other organizations.

7) Will my credentials help me pass police or fire lines?

Absolutely not; as a responsible journalist you must always keep your safety and that of others in mind. We recommend you contact your local police department for any additional restrictions and requirements of members of the press. Normally, when using a name board for journalistic work, you'll get access to blocked-off areas and use of special parking spots (for example at tradeshows, concerts, sports events and other functions. The name board, however, does not protect you from getting parking tickets when you have parked illegally. But, in media-friendly cities, many have observed that the police are usually comprehensive when a name board is displayed in a car. The Vehicle Press sign may only be displayed when the car is being used for journalistic purposes and is only valid along with a press card.

8) Why the card is re-issued every other year?

The purpose of issuing Press Card annually or every other year serves to protect the identity documents from being copied or counterfeited. The card's visual design is changed frequently, and the security marks are constantly re- implemented. IPF press cards are registered and provided with the expiry date which proves its validity.

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