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Benefits of IPF

Benefits of IPF

IPF members are recognized and accepted in almost all of the 192 countries members of the United Nations. Thus membership to IPF is highly beneficial and gives you the affiliation, support and credentials you need to get started as a well respected and trusted journalist in your field. Since media representatives enjoy several advantages in addition to receiving preferential treatment (such as special invitations to sports events, music and entertainments festivals, forums and tradeshows and other events, gift certificates, free services, low priced cars, free or discounted travelling, etc,) membership to IPF opens even further doors. The International Press Card offered by the IPF makes you part of circle of privileged persons.

Some advantages of being an IPF member

  • IPF keeps a high profile for the benefit of the members. Through international accreditation and representation at various international fora and events, the IPF name is easily recognized and respected throughout the world.
  • Take advantage of press conditions, networking and an extensive exchange of experiences.
  • As a member, you will receive an internationally-recognized press pass, and a vehicle press sign.
  • IPF through its partners offers an extensive lobby in protection to its members worldwide, 24 hours, and 7 days a week.
  • Enjoy with media partner World News, a visibility by publishing your work to a wider audience.
  • IPF offers continuing education and training through its partners with a wide variety of workshops and seminars. Members receive substantial discounts on registration fees.
  • Boost your CV and exhibit professionalism by signing and adhering to the IPF Code of Ethics which shows prospective employers that you are a committed professional media specialist.

And, very important

  • Receive confidential tips and hints on how to gain access to a wide range of third-parties provided offers on products and services for our members.
  • IPF has very low one-time annual dues as compared to what most organizations charged. This very low membership fees (70.00 US$ or 52.00€) allows us to have members from both developed and developing countries since our goal is to have a truly global organization with members coming from every country in the world; that is why we are proud to have around 100 different nationalities among our membership.
  • Membership expires one year from the payment processing date unlike most organizations were the membership is valid for calendar year deductible.
  • IPF encourages and reinvests its revenues in programs aiming at strengthening democratic institutions and promoting the freedom of press through educational projects, capacity building trainings in developing countries.
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Become a Member now!